Moving focus in/out buttons a little bit to the right

could you move the focus in/out buttons a little bit to the right so that it’s possible to click on the end of a line? thanks!

Thanks, good catch.

This is fixed in latest preview release.

perfect. thanks!

Is there (or will there be) a way to not have the focus secondary controls show up at all? I would prefer to be able to turn off that feature (but keep the folding arrows). I see the option to “Hide secondary controls when typing” but I’m not a fan of that, either—I want them to be consistent/persistent if they’re going to be on at all, but I’d also like to be able to turn them (or at least the focus one) off. I think part of what I dislike is that they only appear on top level rows; that seems oddly arbitrary.

There’s no option currently and I think there probably won’t be an option added for the current release.

Eventually I do expect there will be ways to hide them. Stylesheets should provide that ability. And before that I’ve been considering redoing preferences. Moving editor preferences to their own separate UI so that they are more scalable and you can configure each editor window differently. This change would provide more space for editor preferences and then I wouldn’t feel so bad about adding yet another option.

The constraint isn’t to just top level row. Instead I only show focus arrows for rows that have child rows. It seems unnecessary to me to show them for leaf rows that have no children since you are not likely to zoom into such a row.