Moving between tabs, keyboard shortcut is not working

The tab window default shortcut keys are not working for me in Bike.
CleanShot 2023-02-13 at 16.35.06

@pkm_one Where are you seeing these options? I don’t see them in Bike.

The option that works for me is Cmd-Shift-] or Cmd-Shift-[ (as is the case in almost every app I use).

To be fair, these tabbing options are also grayed out for me when I use the menu, but they are active and work from the menu or using the shortcuts.

I wonder if those keystrokes are remapped on your system in System Preferences or in a keystroke management application ?

When more than one tab is displayed here in Bike 1.82 (build 102), the Window item displays:

  • Show Previous Tab      ^⇧⇥
  • Show Next Tab             ^⇥

and both are working fine here – cycling the focus from one tab to another, either leftwards or rightwards.

Were you perhaps expecting them to do something slightly different ?

They appear to be working normally for me on macOS 13.2. I think @complexpoint might be right, there’s some customization on your Mac that’s overriding them?

It might be that you are using a different version of macOS? Most of the window menu items are added by macOS frameworks at runtime … ie I’m not defining them myself. Could be that different versions of macOS are using different names/shortcuts.

I have no idea, I cannot see anything in system preferences where I might have changed the shortcuts or can revert it back to the original setting.

I am on Monterey 12.6.3

here is the GIF on when I try to use Control + Shift + arrow key

Ah, I think that’s it.

It tripped me up the first time too… but those icons are saying to use Control-Tab, not arrow key.


And that gif reminds me that I need to fix strikethrough vertical alignment in next release!


  •   → vs tab
  •   ← vs tab left

see, for example:

What are those symbols shown in menus on Mac? – Apple Support

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oh boy! Solved!

Why didn’t I think of it :cry: