Move list function limited to higher hierarchy moves

Presently the move list function only allows moving to a list of a higher hierarchy. The move list function should permit moving lists to folders with the same level.

Hi, can you give me an example of what you mean… I’m not sure I follow. Please create/describe an example outline and explain which item you’d like to move where. Thanks!

I am using TaskPaper. I wish to move my Taskpaper (named Grocery List) using the File Move To… command to another folder in my Taskpaper folder. That folder is the Today folder (which is in my Taskpaper folder again).
The file (Grocery List) is located in the Lists folder which is also in the Taskpaper folder.
So Taskpaper > Lists (contains Grocery List)
Again, the Today folder is in the Taskpaper folder.
So Taskpaper > Today.
The Move To… command does not allow me to move the file to the Today folder which is at the same hierarchal level as Lists. It only allows me to move it to Taskpaper.

I hope that explains it.

Thanks and glad I asked… I thought you were asking about moving TaskPaper items within a file, so this is much different.

The “File > Move To…” command is provided by the OS X standard libraries, so there’s not much room for me to change it’s behavior. But I think there’s a way to make it do what you want:

  1. File > Move To…

  2. From that popup choose the last option “Other…”

  3. That will bring up a standard file dialogue that allows you to choose any location.

The other option is not there, oddly.

Can you show a screenshot of what you see? Also what version of OS X are you using?

Version 10.10.5.
Okay, I scrolled all the way down and found the other “option.” I am having trouble with a screen shot but Taskpaper’s dialog does not include the usual dropdown arrow that allows the dialog window to expand to allow selection of other folders.