More options for text-wrap-column-width

I really enjoy text being centered on the screen, but I want more length than only column 80.

Sometimes 80 works for me, but other times, if I have lots of text or large paragraphs, I wish I could make it much bigger.

Do you think if I added 90 and 120 wrap points that would solve?

Honestly probably! It’s mostly that I love the polished feeling of centred-ness, but that the “widest” settings still feels cramped sometimes.

I also noticed an additional scenario that can contribute to the it feeling cramped: If I have lots of nested rows, but remain un-focused and on the top-most level, eventually the child-of-child-of-child-of-child row has something like 40 characters of width, even though I’ve got the “column 80” setting selected. I understand this is probably standard text-editor behaviour though.

That latest preview release adds 90 and 120 widths: Bike 1.12 (132) Preview - #55 by jessegrosjean

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Perfect!! Works great, thanks so much.

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