Misplaced notes and tasks after searching/filtering


If I have filtered or searched for a task that has notes or lower level tasks attached to it in Taskpaper 3, creating a new task below it results in a task created at a lower level. If I move the new task to the same level as the filtered/searched task, any hidden notes and lower level tasks becomes visible, but misplaced under the new task. Is this intentional?

The effect described above looks like an attempt to solve a treacherous behaviour in Taskpaper 2, where a task created below a filtered/searched task were placed on the same level, and notes and lower level tasks, still invisible, got moved to the new task. The new behaviour is far from perfect, as notes and lower level tasks still incorrectly transfers to another task, but at least there is a chance to see that this happens, and an indication that it might happen, as a new task is created one level lower than expected.


Thanks for reporting this case, I agree its and odd one and ideally needs a better solutions. I’m tracking it now with some related issues.