Minor scrolling bug when executing a JavaScript

I am getting a minor scrolling bug when I execute the Toggling Multiple Tags with Single Command JavaScript that is found here. It does not appear to be specific to this script, as it is also seen when using this one.

The bug is 100% reproducible, and although minor, it is bugging me to no end.

The bug only occurs in:

  • long documents
  • when executed on the top project
  • exclusively when @today and @declined are toggled

Any ideas on how to track down and fix the bug?

Here is a video showing the bug in action:

I see it, I can reproduce it… I don’t see quick fix.

The problem is happening somewhere in the Cocoa text system… ie there’s no obvious place in my code that’s causing this. I’m sure there’s some fix, somewhere that I need to configure things differently, but the problem is happening in the Cocoa black box. Alas I think I’m just going to ignore this issue for now.

I will report that I am once again making progress on my extremely overdue “next” version of things Hog Bay Software. A big part of that work is building my own text editor, so I’ll have all the source code and issues like this should be less mysterious and more fixable. That’s the theory anyway!


Ahh, a Cocoa black box curse! :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know Jesse. I will learn to live with it.

Cheers on making progress on the “next” version! If you need testing help, just let me know. I was a professional video game quality assurance tester for seven and a half years. I am happy to help.

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Lived the dream!

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