Minor aesthetic tweaks


I really like the clean, minimal look of Bike documents. It’s a key feature, really. I do have a few suggestions to make it look even cooler:

  • I would like more space between the document titlebar (if you can even call it that) and the first row of the outline. Just feels a bit crowded. Too close to the “stoplight” window controls.
  • I feel like right now, the dark triangle that is used for a row that has children carries much more visual weight than the very light triangle that is used for a childless row. Perhaps something closer to 50% grey, or even an outlined triangle, would look like more of a match.

Perhaps candidates for style-sheet options ?

Yes, stylesheets are how I hope to support these sorts of tweaks. The existing defaults might not be perfect, but they are pretty strait forward and “obvious”. I’m unlikely to change them at this point. Next step on visuals will be a stylesheet implementation. That’s still a ways off, but very much on my todo list.

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