Mailing list messup

Hog Bay Software’s last email newsletter included a bunch of people who hadn’t signed up. I’m sorry about that.

If you got an unwanted email what happened was:

  1. You ordered an app from me using my payment service.
  2. You did not opt into my email list.
  3. Today I used Paddle’s export “audience” command to export all audience emails to import into mailing list.
  4. I didn’t realize that the “audience” included people who had not opted in, and I added everyone.

I have since unsubscribed everyone who wasn’t opted in… it was a lot of e-mails, and difficult to know if some of those emails had opted out on an old Paddle order, but subscribed directly later. So I just unsubscribed everyone who had ever opted out on a Paddle order.

End result is you shouldn’t get any more emails if you didn’t subscribe initially. And second end result, if you DO want emails, you might subscribe again to make sure you are on list:

Hog Bay Software Newsletter