Loving the Task List format option

I hope I’m not creating excessive noise here, but I just wanted to say that I’ve had the chance today to try out the Task List row format, and I absolutely love it — it’s, like, doubled Bike’s value for me in one go. I know: I could have created checklists in Bike without the support of a dedicated feature, and in fact I have. But the clarity of having list items easily distinguishable from surrounding text, plus the psychological benefit of click-to-check and visually crossed-off items, is really powerful. All the more so because, when I’m using Bike, it’s often because I’m working on something that strains my ability to keep track of it, and that’s exactly when little helpers like this can make a real difference.

(Also love the easy ⌘K option for picking the row format from the keyboard. The UI polish on this app is so delightful.)


It’s always great to hear when I’ve managed a useful feature! Glad it’s working well for you.