Lots of crashes

I cant explain why, just typing and it crashes and I lose whatever ive written unless I save as I go.

Usually have 4 tabs open in one window.

Copy pasting text from other apps doesn’t seem to cause it to crash.

That’s no good. Can you tell me what version of Bike Outliner and what version of macOS you are using? Also can you attach a crash log?

Mac OS 13.1 (22C65)
bike 1.8.2 (102)

How do you send a crash report? I was clicking re-open after the crash message. Also, does the crash report contain and part of the document content?

No, the crash report won’t contain any of the document.

Generally after a crash a dialogue should show indicating that there was a crash and there is a “Report” button there I think. Alternatively I think you can use Console.app as described here:

I’m on the same OS and Bike version as you and am seeing no crashes, but I’m also no using multiple tabs very often. When you say you are using 4 tabs … are they different views of the same document, or different documents?

different documents in each tab.

crashes consistently happening when im typing for 1 min - I started saving after every sentence. but then when I copy paste from other sources it doesn’t crash. happened before when I was typing (few days ago) and yesterday.

Ill be typing again today and if it crashes ill send the reports.

Bike-2023-02-14-165937 copy.ips.zip (6.0 KB)

latest crash report
happened just now… very consistent for me.

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Thanks for the crash report. I see generally where error is happening now, though I still can’t reproduce it. The problem might rely on some setting or interaction difference between what you and I are doing.

Would it be possible for you to recreate the crash in a sharable document while taking a screencast movie? That might allow me to see what I’m not doing when testing that you are doing.

I’ll try to do it soon. But I am literally typing the same as im typing this reply and it will crash every time after 30 seconds to 1 minute. App un-usable when typing in it.

I copy alot of text from twitter (official twitter app) as im researching / taking notes throughout day - not sure if that adds anything.

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Maybe this is a bit premature but I opened a new document and saved it as “test” and typed for longer than it usually crashes and it has NOT crash so far.

So, maybe, its because ive copied text from twitter app?

Update - I copy pasted one bit of text from twitter and it hasn’t crashed so far. Basic test. But maybe the other document or documents are corrupt in some weird way? Because hidden text / characters being copied in from twitter app?..

Ill test in some other ways by copying text from ‘corrupt’ documents or duplicating them and messing around… ill report back… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.

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Is it possible to duplicate the original crashing document and delete anything that you don’t want to share… and will it still crash? If it does please send as attachment.

One last idea after looking more at that crashlog. Does the problem go away if you disable all of:

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 2.50.45 PM

And another message from me… I can now reproduce this crash I think. What I need to do is type a word that will be corrected to a new word that is two letters shorter than the original. For example if I type:


at the end of a paragraph, then after entering the space Bike crashes. I will fix this.

Hopefully this is the same issue that you’ve been seeing. Does it seem like the crash cases that you’ve been seeing could all fall into the category of “autocorrected word is made at least 2 char shorter than what was entered?”. If so then I don’t need any more video or reproduce instructions.

Thanks again for reporting this.

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Didnt think my typing/spelling was that bad that its autocorrecting every 30s - 1m :smile:
I’ll check it out and see if thats whats happening with me.

Update : Not sure thats it. I did alittle typing and even used your example and it didnt crash. I’ll report back after having a further test.

Ive been typing in documents this morning and experienced no crashing. I’ll keep monitoring and let you know if it happens again - by sending report and seeing if I can re-produce it.

At this point im thinking there was some weird glitch in the way I was copying text from other apps because I restarted bike and it would continue to crash. Anyway, I don’t know though.

Happy that its not crashing.

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I’ve had same crash issue - I will send a crash log - and monitor for the correction issue.

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OK. This is whats happening. Happens every time.

You have to type full stop “.” 9 times in a row.

On the ninth dot it will crash every time,.

Not sure how that relates to the previous experiences I was having but its probably connected to that and maybe what you found in that auto correct error you wrote about.

Something connected to these is causing a crash.

There may be variations of nine dots in a row but on this occasion thats what I did - unplanned, I was just free flow typing and ending my sentence with …

Hope it makes sense.

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Thanks for the reproducible case. I’ve fixed for next release.

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It doesn’t even need to be 9… just pressing … fast causes it and I do that alot at end of open sentences/questions (should stop!). Im also glad ive found it because I was having to re-type sentences each time “…” !!!

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The latest preview release is now available and I think fixes this problem: