Long time WR user on IOS, any update?

I am using WriteRoom on IOS and just got a message on my iPhone that the app needed to be updated to keep from slowing down my phone??? Is there an update coming?
Thank you.


Sorry no, I stopped development on WriteRoom for iOS a number of years ago. I would strongly recommend switching to another writing app for iOS.


Amit Chaudhary (who also took over the TaskPaper for iOS project, renamed as Taskmator) has taken over (and updated) the WriteRoom for iOS code and will sell and updated version of that code as Writemator. You can preorder it here:

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Sorry to be sincere, but as much as I like your apps, I do not understand why you do not wish to build a system including Mac and IOS apps.
This is why, after being a very (very) long time user of your apps, and after buyinf FoldingText, I do not yet know if I am willing to invest time into a half perfect solution.

It’s a definite weakness. But I’m a single developer, and when I tried to support my apps on both macOS and iOS I think quality suffered (and my stress increased). Right now my singular focus is TaskPaper for macOS, and as a result I think it’s the best and most polished app that I’ve created.

Eventually I do plan to start other projects, be it and update to WriteRoom, TaskPaper for iOS, or something else. But I don’t expect to do that until I feel like TaskPaper for macOS is in a healthy “done for a while, doesn’t need me to think about it” state. It’s not there yet!


Hello, I have encountered a problem I just install iOS 11 then my application WriteRoom does not open, a request for update, I have 2000 texts in very important application, please help me, is -that there will be updates. cordially May Yesayan.

I’ve just responded here: Mac OS Sierra Supported? - #11 by jessegrosjean

So I bought the WriteRoom app when it came out for iPhone. Shouldn’t I be able to download Writemator at no cost, since I’ve lost the ability to use the original app I paid for?

Dear Clifwith1f, Writemator app is not available in free/discount price to old WriteRoom for iOS users. As there is no way for me to know who are old WriteRoom users for iOS or who are not. Please let me know if you have any further questions. You can contact me via email writemator@gmail.com.
Thanks, Amit