Logging in security

Hey, I’ve had a few security issues with my Apple ID.
Wondering how the logging in function works with Bike Outliner.
I purchased it through my Apple store registered with said Apple ID. Is the license only accessible on one device or can it be downloaded and accessed if someone else had access to my Apple account? If I change the password to my Apple account would it log out of any active bike session? If I delete the app and reinstall it would my license still be active?
How can I secure my bike outliner app?

Thank you

There is no log-in with Bike itself. It is an app that requires no account, just a license.

If you buy a product from Apple’s App Store, it is tied to your Apple ID. All such apps can be downloaded on as many devices as possible as long as it is logged into the same ID and is compatible (i.e. supported OS version).

If someone has access to your Apple ID, it is just the same as you yourself using that device. If you have saved your notes on iCloud, they would have access to them as well. If you are storing your notes locally and they are using your account form a different device, they won’t have access over those notes.
The only time an app would require you to re-login to the app due to password change is when you are basically making an account for that app, which you don’t do with Bike.

If you lost access to the premium features after re-downloading them, it would be because the subscription is out of date or they have not properly identified, which there is a simple restore purchase button to wake them up on the same page you select your subscription type.

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