"Lock" a note with a password

In macOS native Note app, it’s possible to protect a note with a password. Not sure how complicated it is to implement this (especially when opening with alternative apps on iPhone / iPad) but I believe it would be a nice feature to have!

I’m unlikely to add this soon. I think it’s best handled by security specific tools, maybe easiest alternative to save the file on an encrypted disk image.

Edit To be clear, I don’t hate the idea of this feature. It just seems like a fair amount of work to implement it. If there was some easy way to add I would likely add. I see that Pages.app has a pretty good implementation. If you know of any other document based apps that support document specific passwords please add links.

I didn’t see anything in the documentation. I’m wondering if it’s possible to lock documents just like locking (encrypting) Pages documents? Also Apple Notes does this. Another non-Apple implementation on Mac/iOS is KeepIt.


@private-fragrance I’ve moved your post to this thread with a similar request.

Thanks. To elaborate a bit the KeepIt developer indicated that their implementation is just like Apple’s Notes.I took that to mean there’s some kind of API that can be leveraged.

Another non-Apple Mac/iOS example is called Noto. They include it as a paid/premium feature which I find reasonable.

And I believe Evernote can encrypt notes, or at least portions of notes (text only) but it’s been a long time since I’ve used it and being that it’s cross platform I’d assume they’re doing their own thing there.