Links differences: TP vs Bike

Jesse could you write down a list of differences…?
For instance if I drag a file from the Finder in TP it produces an abs link in Bike…nothing?

For me drag and drop a file from the Finder into Bike should also create a link. I am on macOS 13.3.1 with Bike 1.12 Preview… though I think Bike hasn’t changed for a long while in this behavior.

For example when I drag a file into Bike I see this:

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 1.21.45 PM

The format is slightly different then TaskPaper … TaskPaper doesn’t have the leading file://, but otherwise the behavior is same.

There is some additional link functionality in Bike that TaskPaper doesn’t have. For example you can create links to specific Bike rows as described here.

nice to hear it is my problem, but what should i do?
I am on macOS 13.4 with Bike 1.12 Preview (132)

A few things…

Is there anything “weird” about the file that you are dragging? For example is it dragged from iCloud synced storage or some other disk? If possible drag a simple text file that’s stored directly on disk and see if that makes a difference.

Open and

  1. Choose Action > Start Streaming
  2. Try to drag and drop a file into Bike
  3. Choose Action > Pause Streaming
  4. In the search field type “Bike”
  5. And then also in the search filed change “Any” to “Process”
  6. And then select all the output, copy, paste into text file, and send me text file please


  • macOS 13.4 (22F66) here
  • Bike 1.12 Preview 132

and also seeing what @amelchi describes: drag and drop from Finder seems to have no effect – a row insert cursor appears during the drag, but vanishes on drop, leaving no link or text.

I don’t tend to use drag and drop (more used to the Copy as Markdown (and Bike) Link - Keyboard Maestro Macro which is still working fine), so, alas, I have no impression of how new this might be.

@amelchi Ok, I can recreate this problem in my test account… no need to send me any more debug info, I’ll now see if I can figure out why it’s not working.

Found fix and it will be in next release… in the end the difference (why I couldn’t see bug initially) was that I had set default new file type to plain text … and forgotten about it. And the bug only showed up in rich text documents… could have saved myself a bunch of account switching time if I had realized that earlier.


in the mean time I better downgrade ?.. I am working… :innocent: :pray:

I’ll relate a new preview later today. I think this bug has been in there for a while.

Update Sorry, not going to be today. But next couple of days!


how is possible to downgrade to a link-capable version?

You can download previous Bike releases here:

With that said I am not sure if drag and drop of link files into rich text documents has ever worked. It may just be that no one’s ever reported that bug.

how is possible to downgrade to a link-capable version?

Just to be clear the current version of Bike is link capable in many ways, it just has a bug when dragging and dropping files into your outline.

Some alternatives are:

  1. Select file in Finder and Copy. Then you can Paste that link into your outline. If you have a rich text outline and select some text … then paste… the link will be attached to that text.

  2. Drag and drop of files does work in “plain text” outlines. For now you could create a second “temp” outline and drag and drop into it… then copy/paste those links into your real rich text outline.

  3. If you will be creating many links to Finder items you might look into using Hookmark for a more robust Finder linking solution.

I will add these solutions to Rob kbmacros
as for Hookmark, I like it very much, but I don’t like at all the subscription pricing model

keep waiting

I think dragging file links into Bike should be fixed in latest preview release:

it works

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