License code has already been utilized

Reformatted my desktop to sell and installed TaskPaper on my new Mac Mini. Got the message that license code has already been utilized. Read the FAQs. Saw thje reference that I should have freed the license on my desktop before reformatting rhe drive. Would have been nice to know that up front. Saw the reference to contact Paddle. Tried the Paddle bot and it was useless. Then tried email and explained to them the problem, but the first contact just sent me the same license key that I already have. It shouldn’t be so difficult to get this done and it is taking forever. Paddle #fail.

Sorry for the trouble, I’ve just added a bunch of new activations to the license associated with your forums account email. Please let me know if you still run into problems.

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I am a newbie, I haven’t bought the software as yet. I can’t find a support email I’d, hence I am asking my question here.

  1. I have two MacBooks, one at home and one in the office. If I post to the app in the office will that sync to my home Mac?
  2. If I buy for the Mac App Store, will I get the family sharing option?
  3. Is there any difference in the features between the Mac App Store version and the direct website version?

I can answer this one. TaskPaper uses plain text documents. So any service that syncs (examples: iCloud, Dropbox, etc.), can keep your TaskPaper files synchronized.

I personally use iCloud. I save my TaskPaper documents to it and they sync well. I hope that helps!

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Yes, TaskPaper is sold in Mac App Store with family sharing option, alternatively if you buy from your license key has multiple available activations and I’ll add more for family if you needed.

No, they should generally be the same feature set.

Hi @jessegrosjean
I’m having the same trouble with a license activated on a prior computer that I no longer have. Been a while since I’ve used TaskPaper but coming back to try it out again. I’ve tried the Paddle site but it is not helpful. Could my prior activations be deactivated so I can use again on my current 2 laptops? Not sure if you can see my email as forum admin or if need to get to you another way. Thanks.

Phil, it should work now if you try again.

It does. Thank you!

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hello @jessegrosjean

I also forgot to deactivate on my old device. Have been in contact with Paddle for a week, provided all the information they required and they still can’t help. Can you help me to reset the activations? The email of my license is same as that of the forum. Thanks.

Sorry for trouble, should work now I think.

@jessegrosjean it works now. thanks so much!