My hard-disk crashed and I had to reinstall everything.
When I go to AppStore I have to pay again for Taskpaper. How can I get my licence back please ?

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Welcome to the forums. Since the AppStore is asking you to pay again for your license one of two things is true.

  1. You purchased the app outside the AppStore.
  2. You own a previous version of TaskPaper.

If you purchased your license outside you should have received an email with information about your purchase. If you cannot find that info, you can also contact the developer here, @jessegrosjean, who can help you with that. If you actually purchased the current version instead of the previous one, your email should be in their records.

If you own the previous version of TaskPaper, I would encourage you to upgrade to the current one. I believe that the current version is a significant upgrade to a product with a greater value than the current price.

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Yes to everything @Victor says… and let me know if I can help.