Lettering, colors, list and spacing

Nice program, works fine and I love that I can reorganize and transfer easily tasks, notes and projects from one file into another one. But I would like to have options to give colors to any text, and options for lists (numbering… etc…) and different fonts. Are these features too complex to be included ? I miss also an option to introduce a line to divide the file into different parts, and paragraph spacing.
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Hi and thanks.

I think applying color to any text (as you would in a rich text document) isn’t in the cards. A bit part of TaskPaper is that it has a plain text format, and in such a format there’s not place to store arbitrary text attributes such as text color.

The other things that you mention are more possible.

  1. Numbered lists – This (and bullet lists) to go along with the current checkbox lists are things that I’d also like. I’m not quite sure that I’ll be adding them before 3.0 final, but they are on my list.

  2. Different Fonts – Once I start implementing themes this will be possible. Again not setting the font of an arbitrary range of text, but instead themes would allow you to configure things so that projects have one font and tasks have another font.

  3. Dividing Lines – Again themes might (haven’t decided yet) allow for this.

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Thanks for your promptly response.
Great Work !!

I’ve looked at the discussion on .less files and I think you might have a simple way to do some of this with tags.

Seems to me that your default .less file could allow for tags such as

… and I’m sure there are others you could think up which don’t conflict with any existing styles.

For me, this would be a big step forward. I’d love @red and @bold formatting

This should be a shipped option (it should work out of the box). I’ve no intention of getting involved in .less files myself - far too time-consuming in the context of a to-do list which is supposed to boost productivity :slight_smile:

Yes, this would be pretty simple to add. I worry a bit that at some point I’d wish I hadn’t added it and would want to remove it (like most features), but it does seem like a pretty same simple addition. I guess I would include standard Finder tag colors, @bold, and anything else or thoughts?

@highlight would be useful. I’m already doing this in the .less file. By seperating any text I want to highlight ("@hl") into its own paragraph and applying

item[data-hl], {
background-color: ivory;
color: black;

to my dark-style theme.

I like the idea of using the Finder tags as a standard, plus @bold. That’s sufficiently simple that you shouldn’t have anything to regret in future.

BTW: version 3 is working well for me. Nice upgrade.

+1 to have a divider line… I’m missing that from TaskPaper 2.

Much thanks!

This would be great, I didn’t even realize TaskPaper 3 was out until I went searching for this. Nice to see that there is an a check for update feature in TP3. Still it looks like numbered lists didn’t make the list (lower priority I guess).