Less prominent cursor

First, thanks for creating Bike and for your attention to detail and performance! I’ve purchased a license and am looking forward to seeing how the app develops.

I just wanted to suggest making the cursor a little less prominent (shorter and thinner, perhaps also not colored), like the way it looks in most macOS apps. I find the wider, blue cursor a little distracting. Perhaps you could also include different cursor display options in the preferences.

I second this positive review. It’s a brilliant piece of software.

I would also welcome a slight less prominent cursor!

Thanks. I will likely add support for customizing the cursor when I add stylesheets.

Right now the cursor color is being taken from System Preferences > Accent color. For example if you choose “Graphite” you will get a less prominent cursor, though I realize most people likely don’t want to change whatever accent color they are used to.

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