.less formatting and returns


I am not sure if the following suggestion is possible or not. But when Jessie undertakes his rewrite, if such a thing were possible, then I would like to offer the following idea. Make a return character adjustable so that it would exist but it would become very small using the .less file.

A challenge I have is that, because TaskPaper cannot format pages for print (no way to create a page break), I very often have to copy/paste what I have in TaskPaper into Nisus and Notes. This means that I have to be mindful of creating actual paragraph returns in my TaskPaper layout. It would be nice if I didn’t have to do this as adjusting the Paragraph spacing and line feeds works very well inside of TaskPaper.

If I use TaskPaper’s line spacing and paragraph spacing when I copy the text to Notes or Nisus, I have to do a quick find and replace turning each return into a double return just to make it readable.

Said another way, if I use returns in TaskPaper to separate notes, then the fancy paragraph returns and line spacing in the .less files become meaningless. I am wondering if there was any way for the less file to recognize a return and adjust it’s value to say, zero. If true than I could continue to use my less file formatting for readability in TaskPaper and when copy paste to a different program, there would already be return characters that would work with readability in the pasted text.

Using the .less file I can - and I have, adjusted my TaskPaper documents for readability. This usually means adjusting elements of a page in TaskPaper adjusting the following values:

paragraph-spacing-before: 5;
paragraph-spacing-after: 10;
line-height-multiple: 1;


I’m puzzled by the “cannot format pages for print” surely that’s the issue rather than copying and pasting it into a text editor. This reads more like a bug report than a feature request, does any one else have any ideas?


Allow me to clarify. In TaskPaper, there is no line break that I am aware of. This means, if I print a TaskPaper document over a few pages, some of the text seems to get half printed on the top and bottom margins. This was my meaning in can’t format pages for print.


I presume you mean ‘page break’. But the clipped text is obviously a bug, I should ask @jessegrosjean


Yes, sorry.