Less colors do not look alike


I do not know if this is a bug or just how taskpaper represents the colors, but I have noticed that the colors I put on the LESS theme file are not being represented the same way when they come out. They look kind of washed out. Is this to be expected or something that will change as the releases keep coming out?


I’m not quite sure what you mean, can you give an example of how you are entering the colors into your LESS theme file?


I have tried using Hex colors and rgb. I noticed when I was trying the theme based on Atom dark. I was using atom Dark to edit the less file, and had task paper on the other side and the colors didn’t look alike. The same with the red and oranges on the theme. Just to make sure it was not my computer, I tried with the following computers and had the same results,

2015 iMac 27’ (retina)
2011 iMac 20’
2010 Macbook 15’


Just so I can reproduce, can you give me an example color HEX along with a screenshot of that color in Atom and TaskPaper all on the same screen.


Never mind… think I’ve reproduced the problem.


This should be fixed in next release. I was creating those colors in the calibrated colorspace, but HTML HEX colors are always supposed to be in sRGB colors space. I’ve fixed that and now they match I think.


Thank you very much.