Legibility of file name font color?

I notice that, with some settings, it’s possible to get low enough levels of contrast in the window file name for legibility to take a bit of effort:

  • Dark background color
  • Bike Preferences > Appearance > Light (or Automatic → daytime Light)

This is easily fixed by making sure that dark backgrounds are only used with Bike Preferences > Appearance > Dark

(which makes it perfectly legible, and not too brightly intrusive either)

but I wonder whether there is scope for making sure that there is always a minimum level of backgroundfont color contrast for the window file name – just enough to be able to read it ?

The colors used in these examples (tho perhaps that irrelevant ?) are:

  • background: 222222
  • editing font: E2A467

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a good way to do it. There’s no public API. There are various hacks, but I think they all lead to other problems. For example even if you set title color then there’s the “Edited” text that you also need to change to make match, but it’s a more complex button with various states. All and all I don’t think there’s a good way.

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Something to be said for it anyway – too bright would be a distraction : -)

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