Latest update always opens docs with EVERYTHING unfolded

Basically, one of my preferences is that I want some things folded and somethings, well, not. When I open TaskPaper docs I start at the home point (not where I left off) and EVERYTHING is unfolded, which means as my TaskPaper doc/s grow I have to remember to refold which items manually and why.

The only change I made in the style sheet so far to the latest update was to change the size/color of notes and the color of project headings.

Please I hope this is not intended default behavior. I can understand starting at “home” but not with the entire document spread out.

Thank you.

This is a known issue on my todo list, will be fixed before TaskPaper 3.5 is released.

Cool beans, thank you!

I complain only because I care :slight_smile:

While this may get lost in the nitty-gritty, the big picture is that I’m so happy that one of my all time favorite apps is getting a resurgence!

Please keep up the good work, and remember that no matter how much I may gripe deep down I know that without your work there would not be any inspiration for my other 2 most used apps which are basically web-based versions of TaskPaper.



Mind if I ask which web based apps you are talking about?