Latest TaskPaper 3.2.1 preview has a small fix that I couldn't explain in the release notes

I very often select lines of text by:

  1. Go to start of line.
  2. And then Shift-Down Arrow to select the line.
  3. And same thing to select following lines.

I’ve often been frustrated in TaskPaper because the above pattern doesn’t didn’t always work out right. The problem cases are a little hard to explain, but generally sometimes the above would work to select clean full lines of text. And other times it wouldn’t. It would end up selecting in the middle of lines, or seeming to skip ahead and select two lines at once.

The problem was that the indented text created problems with the way that vertical cursor movement is done. NSTextView remembers a x position when you start moving up or down and picks new positions based on that first position. But this doesn’t work out well in TaskPaper where due to indentation lines start at different x positions and created the above frustrations.

Anyway TaskPaper 3.2.1 (210) fixes this. Not sure if anyone else will notice, but for me it makes editing a much better experience.

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