Large padding at the top of document windows with Wrap to Column

Version 1.10.1 (119)

If I have View: Text Wrap set to wrap to a specific column width (doesn’t matter which one), my document windows all have a large amount of unwanted padding above the first row. Here’s what a new document looks like:

The only way I can seem to get rid of this padding is to switch to wrapping to window width.

Oh wait, is this typewriter mode? I guess so? If so, then I don’t understand why it only works with Wrap to Width on? Sorry if it’s just my confusion.

Yes, it’s typewriter mode.

And yes, it’s weird that it only adds that margin when wrap is on, probably a bug. Originally a dynamic margin was always automatically added in wrap mode, so it was fixed in my head that margin=wrap. I’ll fix in next release.

I think this is fixed up in latest preview: Bike 1.11 (120) Preview