Keystroke Wish: Line Formatting (task, note, project)

I know we can set up custom keystrokes outside of Taskpaper, but keystrokes to change a line to another type requires a trip to the menus.

any thoughts?

thank you,

Adding shortcuts is always tricky.

On one hand those menu items really aren’t that useful without having shortcuts. On the other hand if I add shortcuts to early… and then something else comes up and I have to change them that cause a lot of pain also. In this case I’ve decided to not assign keystrokes because I’m still not sure that I’m done with different items types in TaskPaper. For example at some point I might add ordered list or checkbox style items (no idea, just a possibility).

Since I’m not sure about how types will work longer term I’ve just decided to add those menus so that other’s can assign there own shortcuts if they want. But I’m staying away from assigning “standard” shortcuts myself.

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i can understand that.

thanks for the reply.