Keyboard Shortcuts for Expand All, Collapse All

It might be too late to consider switching, but I notice that the keyboard shortcuts for Expand All Rows and Collapse All Rows are exactly the opposite of the OmniOutliner commands for the same thing. It would be nice for those of us who use both or are switching from Omni if these two shortcuts were consistent with it.


I don’t particularly like or use those shortcuts. Instead I’m using escape and arrow keys. With that said these keys don’t follow OmniOutliner, but they do follow TaskPaper.

When looking for a shortcut (way back for TaskPaper I think) I did use OmniOutliner for inspiration, but I didn’t like the default mapping. To me it feels clear that 9 should collapse and 0 should expand because of their relative location on my keyboard. I feel like “Expand” is a right key operation and “Collapse” is a left key operation… to me it feels really weird to toggle back and forth the other way.

So I think default will say as is for now.


Got it. Makes sense. Thanks.