Keyboard Maestro macro that creates a task from a Finder file or folder — includes a clickable link

Hello all,

I love that I can drag a file from the Finder into TaskPaper and have a clickable link to that file in my task list.

That said, I have to position windows for the dragging and type a file name and then put in a dash or arrow, and…

Well, you guessed it, Keyboard Maestro to the rescue! I have made a Keyboard Maestro macro to do the above much more efficiently!

Here is how it works:

  • Select any file or folder in the Finder
  • Invoke my Keyboard Maestro macro
  • My macro gets the file name and POSIX path from the Finder
  • The spaces in the POSIX path are escaped (which is necessary to make the link work)
  • Formats the name and path into a task
  • Creates an Inbox in TaskPaper if there isn’t one.
  • Places the task into the top of the Inbox

For example, if I select Keyboard Maestro in my Applications folder, and I invoke my macro, the following appears in my TaskPaper Inbox:

	- Keyboard → /Applications/Keyboard\

From there, I can move this file “task” into the proper project easily.

It took me a long time to create, but let me tell you: every time I run it, I am oh so happy!

Here is the macro in case any of you are interested:

TP3 Inbox ← File Name (2.2 KB)



A short video showing the macro in action:


Nice, thanks for sharing!

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