Keyboard Maestro macro: Generic tag toggling


I have posted a generic macro for toggling named TaskPaper 3 tags on the Keyboard Maestro forum.

(You can specify the name of the tag which you want to macro to work with, perhaps making more than macro, each assigned to a different key stroke)

I originally wrote this for Jim Krenz, who has kindly suggested that I share it more widely, and who created the icon. (See the acknowledgements panel in the macro)

By default, the JavaScript code in the macro gets any present or future options from a Keyboard Maestro 8 dictionary:

withOptions: kmDict('tp3Toggle') 

It could, instead, be used by directly supplying options in the form of a JavaScript dictionary.

withOptions: {
    tagName: '@someTag'

Note that the tag name can be specified with, or without, the leading ‘@’

Case sensitivity in searches and autocomplete of tags

Thank you for all of the passion you put into this macro @ComplexPoint — I love it!