Keyboard commands for indenting?


I’m a little confused. The TaskPaper Guide says: “There are three different shortcuts to “Indent” items: Tab, Command-], Control-Command-Right-Arrow. They all do the same thing.”

I’ve gotten used to indenting/unindenting with Command-] and Command-[ in other apps.

But this doesn’t actually work in the current version on my computer. But Tab, and Control-Command-Right-Arrow do work.

The 3.3 release notes mentioned “Use ‘Tab’ and ‘Shift-Tab’ instead of the Indent and Un-Indent menu items,” but didn’t mention anything about removing the Command-] shortcut.

Am I missing something? Is the guide not up to date? Or is this a bug?


Sorry, yeah that user’s guide was out of date. I want to reserve Command-] and Command-[ for other uses in future. I think Tab is most direct. While the arrow key option is needed to balance the other arrow key movement commands.


Got it. Thanks!

I think I’ll try to move over to the Control-Command-Right-Arrow commands. (My brain has a hard time when the ‘variable’ for the opposite directions is necessary for only one direction/has to be pressed down prior to the ‘base’ command.)


FWIW, my fingers are pretty well convinced that cmd-[ and cmd-] really ought to indent and outdent. It’s what OmniFocus and Xcode use, at least, and I’m sure it’s pretty consistent elsewhere, too.

(On a similar note, my fingers expected ctrl-cmd-f to go full-screen, rather than search. They’re all-too-aware that’s not so standard across apps though!)


I agree with @mathie, I use PhpStorm / WebStorm / Sublime Tex / Atom / VisualStudio, all of these editors use cmd-[ and cmd-] and that’s what I’m most used to. Granted these are code editors predominantly but TaskPaper appeals to me as a developer because of it’s simplicity and code-like experience that gets straight at the heart of the need without additional bells and whistles. And the theming is done via a .less file, which I would use one of those code editors to edit in, so there is some basis for listing them :wink:

Ultimately I’ll learn the Tab / Shift-Tab combination, but there’s always the option of making keyboard shortcuts customisable and pleasing everyone :smiley:


Code editors (almost?) universally use tab/shift-tab to indent/unindent, just like TP. I didn’t know any of them used ctrl-[ until this discussion (I’m lazy — why use two keystrokes when one will do?). So, IMO, TP’s already using the “standard”.

I totally agree on Ctrl-Cmd-F, that one drove me crazy.

TP doesn’t need to make keyboard shortcuts customizable, though — OSX already provides that capability for anything on the menu, and everything we’ve discussed is on the menu. (As I did for Ctrl-Cmd-F.)


Could I add a vote for “bring back cmd+] and cmd+[ for indent/un-indent”? It’s pretty ingrained in me from other editors, and I was sad when it got removed in a TaskPaper update a while back. Been avoiding installing the update on my other computer because of it, in fact.


I just can’t think of a clean way to do it. The constraint is that I want to use the arrow keys for up/down/left/right item movement by default. I think it makes lots of sense to have all movement commands so they can be used together.

I’ve also “hard coded” Tab and Shift-Tab to move items Right/Left. This is somewhat odd, because you see no menu item shortcut listed for these in the apps menu items… but it’s also very standard.

That leave the question of how to also add support for Command-] and Command-[. The options that I see are:

  1. Add a two more menu items that I use to store those keyboard shortcuts. But that means I’ll then have menu items with duplicate function, the existing Move Left/Right and whatever I call the new ones.

  2. Hard code support for Command-] and Command-[, the would work, but it’s really messy. No way for users to discover since it wouldn’t be listed in any menu item.

My suggestion is that if you really want to use the Command-[ and Command-] shortcuts you should just customize the existing Move Left/Right menu items to use your chosen shortcut.


Thanks for the reply.

If you consider cmd-] / cmd-[ to be a niche feature mainly aimed at programmer-types like me who are used to it from Xcode, etc. then maybe hard-coding it without a menu item might be a reasonable way to go. We’ll probably stumble on it by accident due to our habits, there’s no extra menu items to confuse people coming to it fresh, and it’s the same as how you handled tab/shift-tab for people used to that standard. But I understand if you don’t want to add the extra behavior.

Thanks for the suggestion to add a custom keyboard shortcut. Hadn’t thought of that. I’ll give it a try.


There’s always Keyboard Maestro. You can add a keyboard shortcut of your choice to launch the macro and point the result to the TaskPaper menu item.