Jumpy Scrolling


One thing that really does annoy me with TaskPaper is the way it seems to have such jumpy scrolling. As good as TaskPaper is, I have tried to grin and bear it. But sometimes, it gets on my nerves.

I am using a trackpad, bluetooth and a MacBook Pro. I have TaskPaper on an external vertically oriented monitor. Sometimes, I use just the MacBook and I get the same problem so I doubt that it is my monitor set up.

TaskPaper seems to have a way of not showing all that is on a page when scrolling - or just before scrolling. When I am zipping around in a large document (say, 12 printed pages of text), I like to scroll quickly to sections of the TaskPaper page. And sometimes, I want to slowly scroll through a section or two in TaskPaper to review something I am editing.

More times than I care to count, Taskpaper will suddenly scroll way ahead of where I was. It can be kind of frustrating as this often makes me lose my place. I suspect this is related to another quirk that I see in TaskPaper. When I am scrolling down I will only come to the end of what TaskPaper allows me to scroll down to, then TaskPaper seems to refill it’s text limits, and I can scroll down again. Sometimes this is repeated a couple of times before arriving at the end of the document.

If this isn’t clear enough, in Nisus, when I am at the top of a similar sized document, I can flip, flick, or scroll at any speed down to the end of the document. The page goes no more and no less than where my trackpad is telling it to scroll to. Not so with TaskPaper.

I have always thought that this is just some quirk of how Jessie built TaskPaper. I mean, it is plain text and uses external .less files so perhaps this is just something that comes with the territory? If so then I will grumble a bit and continue to live with it as TaskPaper is such an important and useful tool to me.

But, just to mention it here in case it can be looked at, or in case some upcoming version might address this.