Javascript or PHP Parser


Does a Javascript of PHP parser for the taskpaper format exist?

I really don’t want to write my own parser if I can help it. I need an in-browser parser for my current work. I have failed to find any, only in Python, maybe I am missing something.

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The actual parser is a bit buried in the code, but I’ve actually open sourced TaskPaper’s entire JavaScript model layer here:

That allows you to read a TaskPaper formatted text file into a runtime model and then modify, query the model and serialize it back to TaskPaper format.


Beautiful! Thank you very much!


Could you direct me to where birchouline.js exists?

Use birch-outline/min/birchoutline.js for web pages.
-As far as I can see the folder min does not exist

then in the example code:
<script src="./birch-outline/min/birchoutline.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


I think you need to follow the npm install step on this page:


interesting, I’m just learning PHP, I’m curious what you would do with it? Not arguing, just for my own education and how it could be applied if there was a feature. thank you


I am working on a project that attempts to use the parser for in-browser editing. So that the text box will be dynamically updated with the taskpaper format


This is an old example of someone trying to replicate some of the TaskPaper functions with a web based program and BIRCH.

Using Birch

@cryogenicminer, you should check that out before you spend too much time re-inventing the wheel. At the same time, just beware that one of the amazing things about about TaskPaper is the ability to do some pretty complex searches. I believe that you cannot accomplish that with BIRCH.