Issue with Reminders export and Daylight savings

If I tag something with @due(time), it shows up correctly in Taskpaper

But gets set back an hour when I export it to reminders.

My computer’s date and time is accurate, and I’ve tried rebooting, so I don’t think this is an issue with my computer.

Can you reproduce this problem now? I’m not seeing it… wondering if that’s related to the time, or my timezone. Where do you live?

I think there’s a problem in there somewhere related to daylight savings, but it’s complex. Last time I dug into it I think I ended up convincing myself that it was working correct (from a certain perspective at least), but seems the perspective should match up with whatever thinks, so maybe need some more changes.

Anyway please let me know what your time zone is and if you can still repeat the problem.

I’m just outside of Washington, DC, so EST timezone. I just checked and it seems to be working now … maybe it just needed time to catch up? 'Tis a mystery.