Is there a way to insure the note being added is `project level scoped`?


I have this KM macro I use to add a note to the bottom of the active project list:


The only issue it has is that if the last note/task of the active project is indented more than a project level scope (is a subtask of another note/task). This macro will create the note underneath it (as another subtask :disappointed:).

Is there a way to modify above macro to insure that the note will be created at the project level scope?

So given this:


The macro would do this:


And not this:



I think you could simulate keystrokes:

  1. Command-Down (as you are already doing)
  2. Option-Return (to create a new line, but without auto-indent)
  3. Tab (to indent under project)


Option return will create a line above the currently active line and not below it. Otherwise this solution would work. Although I bound opt+return to something (even though I don’t mind rebinding it in order to make this use case work).


When I have this in TaskPaper:


Where ^ is the text cursor. And then I do Option-Return I get this:


Is that not what you see?


Indeed it does. I must have done something wrong first time I tried it. Thanks!