Is the sidebar option for selecting projects supposed to work now?

Because, it is not for me.

Yes, it should be working working… to use it you need to:

  1. Create some projects (otherwise it will just be empty)
  2. When you select a project all items Tab indented under the project will show in the text area.

If you are unsure try creating a new document and the default welcome text should be displayed. That has some project with items indented under them… should show you how it’s supposed to look and work.

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Jesse, this is a great implementation. Thank you.

I’m a little disoriented by the fact that the actual project title doesn’t appear anywhere in the main pane (only in the sidebar) when a project is focused. This means that to check to see what project is currently focused, I have to scan the sidebar first to find out what item is selected.

I agree and will try to get the project back in there eventually. Though the implementation is a little tricky the way I have things up, so I’ve been in a bit of a holding mode trying to decide what to do. But it’s on my list.

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Oh I understand, I love this and bought it again for it’s powerful simplicity.

I have 7-8 projects, they appear in the sidebar, BUT if I click any, the task side is empty.
It only works when I click on the last project in the sidebar.

I see someone else has encountered this too now :smile:

I’m still pretty sure this feature is working, you just need to Tab indent items under the project for it to work. In your screenshot (thanks, that makes things easier to explain) you have a project named “Legend”. If you click on this project to focus it I would expect the text editor to become blank… the reason is that the next line that starts with “Tags used for tasks and project…” is not Tab indented under the “Legend” project. Try this:

  1. Put text cursor on the line “Tags used for tasks and project…”
  2. Press Tab on your keyboard.
  3. Click the “Legend” project in the projects sidebar.

If you do those things it should be the case then when you focus on the “Legend” project you’ll see the “Tags used for tasks and projects…” note.

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Indenting was it!

Thanks, Faith renewed LOL

Now thinking Taskmator for the iPad? Looks like the best choice.

I’m dropping it all and going for the simplicity of TaskPaper to manage my tasks, lists and projects, GTD light style

By all I mean Things, Omnifocus, 2Do.

I want a minimal interface, “Less UI, more UX!!”