Is TaskPaper User's Guide url working for you?

The URL is:

It’s working for me, but I’m getting a report that it’s not working for some other user. I almost feel like this has happened before… anyone remember what the issue might be?


Working well here.

The only thing I remember is once confusing myself by accidentally having some text entered at top left in the search field, so that the right panel appeared to be empty.

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Working well here as well.

Doesn’t work for me :slightly_frowning_face:

Opens fine for me.

Which version ? Is that the Setapp installation ?

TaskPaper v3.8.10 MAS version.

But I cannot access using Safari.

Got it.

You see ‘404’, or something else ?

Screenshot 2020-03-02 at 15.03.53

Works for me:

Fine here too. In Chrome.

Not accessible at least since Sunday, regardless of browser and machine (Mac, iOS, Windows).

Have you tried VPN? Or a completely different network?

Funny one, VPN is doing the trick - any idea why? I have certainly not used that the last time I was reading in the guide.

Random possibilities:

  • Your ISP could be blocking the URL.
  • DNS may have a weird filter that blacklists it.
  • Your router or firewall could have a rule that filters it.
  • A ad blocker or virus utility could be mistakenly blocking it.
  • OmniGroup is desperate and they have hacked your system in a attempt to get you to use OmniFocus. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim, I go for the Omnigroup - Omnifocus is were I am coming from.

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Sorry for the delay on this… turns out I was hosting it on legacy account that was no longer support. So I guess it was half broken. Anyway I’ve moved the guide to the main TaskPaper site. You should now be able to access it at:

The links on main website are updated. I’ll update in app links on next release.

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