Is it possible to not show @done tag when tasks/notes are marked as done. They are already crossed out

Is it possible to not show @done tag on tasks/notes that are crossed out (marked as done). I find it takes a lot of space and I already know when a task is marked as done because the text of it is crossed out.

Is this possible to achieve with current TaskPaper version?

Not really… you could style things so that the @done text is less visible (color closer to background color), but you can’t remove the text.

Will try now to make the @done text exact same color as the background so it won’t be seen at all.

However even with that, @done text takes space so it will wrap some lines and all together is wasteful text because the line is already crossed out visually.

Is it possible to add a feature in TaskPaper 3 to allow for optionally not showing of @done tags.

I would really appreciate it.

Sorry I don’t expect this feature in TaskPaper 3.

I do agree that TaskPaper’s plain text format isn’t always the best way to view TaskPaper data. I “think” the long term way that I’d like to address this is by creating a new way to view TaskPaper’s underlying model. So for example instead of showing it in a text editor maybe it’s shown in an html generated view if you TaskPaper data. And since that view would be generated it wouldn’t have to show all of the underlying data.

Not sure how clear that is… and it’s a long way off if it happens at all. But that’s the way that I’d like to solve this.

You have other options to make @done not show:

  • Archive Done Items (⌘⇧A)
  • Do this search: not @done to temporarily hide @done items

Both of the above will clean your lists and help you focus on active items.

One other thought: if you don’t like the dates attached to @done, in TaskPaper’s preferences, there is a setting that you can uncheck (Include date when tagging task with @done).

That would make @done(2018-11-01) into @done, which would take up much less space.