Is it possible to move tasks to 'done' when it resolved

I don’t need to keep all the task I done in my categories, so I want to hide it and see only when I navigate to @done tags

Have you tried the command Tag > Archive @done Items? It’s designed to handle that case. That items will still be in your outline, but they will all be moved to a special “Archive” project.


Any thought to have this optionally on a daily run? You could set a time say 5:00 AM and the next time after that TP could run an archive.

I don’t think I would want to add this, it might be useful sometimes, but I think more often it would just be confusing to all of the sudden have your outline change without you doing anything. I think better to just Command-Shift-A (Archive @done) at the end of the day… or whenever you feel like it.

If you really wanted to I’m sure there’s some way to schedule running of an AppleScript that would do this, but I don’t think I would recommend that.

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i could see that. I never thought about it until seeing this thread.

The only think I have seen some apps do is have a small timer (say a minute or two), so you get the satisfaction of a task being checked off and then it fades to archive.

I run the archive command about once a day when I want a fresh look, thus my suggestion.