Is it possible to change the "-" to box by editing .less?


Even I tried to adapt to the dash in front of the tasks, I have to admit that I don’t like it. I still prefer the style of todo mode in foldingtext. Can I change it in .less file?


Not easily. If you really wanted I think it might work to use a customized icon font that replaces the glyph for - with a checkbox glyph. You would need to:

  1. Target run[link^="button"] in the stylesheet … that’s will target the leading dash.

  2. Apply a custom “icon font” that you’ve created to that link:

run[link^="button"] {
  font-family: "custom icon font name that's installed on your system";

More on what an icon font is can be found here:

Note, I don’t think any existing icon font will work… you’ll need to craft your own (using a font editor tool) that specifically replaces the - glyph with a checkbox glyph. I don’t think the font that you create really needs to have any other glyphs then for the - since you’ll only be using that font in the section that has the dash. TaskPaper will still think it’s a dash, it will just look like a checkbox in the text view.

Also note, this is a big hack. I think it will work, but might run into some trouble that I’m not thinking about.


Thanks. It’s much beyond me. Forget it.


for $hits and giggles i just tried it out.

i created my own quick and dirty font and only made a box for “hyphen-minus” U+002D

i did have to use this for the syntax in the theme, Jesse’s syntax didn’t work for me.

here’s the result:

just a visual tweak, don’t know if it’s possible to change it to a checked box when tagged with done.


I think it is. You will need to create a separate font, this time where - is replaced with the checked checkbox glyph. And apply that font under this condition:

item[data-done] {
  > run[link^="button"] {
    font-family: "custom icon font name that's installed on your system";


All this is yet another good reason to have a “checkbox” option in TaskPaper (like the earliest betas) for certain documents in which a dash is less helpful. I’d like to see the option be on a per-style sheet basis, because sometimes dashes are better.