Is folding Taskmator texts possible?

Hey there!

I love the ability to fold texts in TaskPaper.
I bought Taskmator and hoped it could do the same.
Is this possible?

I use TaskPaper because I can keep my notes in a kind of folder-tree structure.
This is a great help to keep overview of large amounts of texts.
In TaskPaper I leave some projects closed and others open, this gives my the best overview.
In Taskmator I have only found the project list, this is a good help too.
But I hope it is also possible to fold texts and leave others open in Taskmator.


Hi Dan,

Honestly, I have no clue. Have you asked in the Taskmator forum? Maybe some here may be able to help you, but your best chance to get some help is to go to that forum if you have Taskmator questions, and here if you have TaskPaper forums.

Hey there Victor,

Ah, I had no idea there is also a Taskmator forum.
I will post my question there, thanks!

Currently Taskmator does not support folding of text.