Is Bolding Fonts Possible, or Not?

I am curious to see if there is a way to bold fonts in the notes section using a tag in the .less file? I am attempting to do this just to help my eyes as I simulate a layout in a very long TaskPaper document. Sometimes I want to make a heading that isn’t needing its own project designation. But, it would still be nice if it stood out.

I have been testing with several “normal” fonts with no luck. I can get italics OK, but not bold. I was wondering if there are any fonts that could do this or, if this is something that is programed into TaskPaper and there just isn’t anything that I can do about it? Some fonts don’t have bold versions but if I am not mistaken, the fonts I am trying to use, do have bold versions of the fonts.

I observe that Projects are automatically bolded in TaskPaper so perhaps that was part of how TaskPaper was initially set up, to bold only Projects? Not sure, not the end of the world either. But, would be nice if I could do it.

None of these will bold the tagged text:
// font-family: Helvetica
// font-family: Ariel
// font-family: Times
font-family: Verdana;
font-style: bold;

Well … as nobody has chimed in yet, I have continued to experiment and, as a result, I have just arrived at a good work around. Using Pop-Char I looked at likely fonts that simulate the bold look. I just discovered the font “Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std”. It is a sans-serif font. It works great for my purposes. Looks like it has been bolded in its natural state. Until Jessie or someone else weighs in about if it is possible to bold text when tagging text items in the TaskPaper notes text, I believe that I have just found the perfect solution for my needs.If you want show bold text in a TaskPaper notes area using a tag and you are already using a sans-serif type font (Ariel, Verdana, Helvetica, etc.) then all I can say is, try it, you’ll like it.

font-family: Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std;

Was away for the weekend, just got back.

You don’t use font-style to bold, that’s just for italic. Use font-weight for bold. For example to bold items tagged with @done:

item[data-done] {
  font-family: Verdana;
  font-weight: bold;

I see, said the blind carpenter, as he picked up the hammer, and saw. :wink:
Thanks for the tip.

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Just a note… I don’t remember all these details myself. Instead to answer this question I thought… well I don’t there’s some way to do bold text. Then I dug into the default stylesheet that’s embedded in And looked to see how project lines got bolded. Since TaskPaper only support a small and strange set of standard CSS that’s how I recommend solving pretty much any styling problem… look in the default stylesheet and copy/paste/modify.

OK, thanks. I have stayed away from the default stylesheet - for completely irrational reasons I am sure. I have enjoyed experimenting with the different customs sets that I have created, and, I was just a bit nervous about changing the base level stylesheet. It does seem strange to have to call a bold styling a weight instead of a style parameter. If this is somewhat typical of oddities in the base stylesheet then I am sure you are right.

I don’t mean you should edit that stylesheet. In fact I recommend that you don’t edit it. I just mean it’s a good source of examples of how to do things in your own stylesheets.

Thanks for the clarification. Point taken.