iOS Workflow for adding email as task from Airmail

Here is a workflow for the iOS Workflow app. It is a share extension for adding emails to your TaskPaper file. I call this from the share action in the iOS mail app called Airmail. The workflow will create a new task at the top of your TaskPaper file with the email title/header as the task name and a URL as a task note for opening the email in on Mac or iOS.

You’ll have to specify the Dropbox path to your TaskPaper file in the last action of the workflow.

You need the Workflow iOS app and the Airmail iOS app.

Workflow Link:


Extremely useful. While there are several ways of getting emails into task management software on the Mac, I’d yet to see a solution for iOS. This finally allows me to process email on my iPad like I do on my Mac. I haven’t used Workflow at all. Is there a way to modify this to include the text of the email as well? I’m just getting the subject and the email link when I run this.

Does anyone know if this still works? I’m trying to see if I did something wrong. I get the subject of the email copied over into TaskPaper, but the link back to the message doesn’t work. All links end up like this:


It appears that the workflow ignores the “input” part of the URL step, which would insert the message ID.

Unfortunately, it no longer works. Airmail seems to have changed its method of creating its message URLs in a way that URLs can no longer be generated from the URLs. This workflow does include the Airmail URL at the end, which still works and does open the message in Airmail on iOS (and on Mac if you have Airmail installed there).

I’ll post here if I ever can find a workaround to get the URLs

Thank you for the fast reply. I do have Airmail on both platforms, but I’m not seeing that link in the output?