iOS version of Bike?

So, I have to ask if there are plans for a native iOS version of Bike, that syncs with the Mac version.


Right now my focus is on 1.0 release for macOS. Once that’s out (soon I hope, pretty much ready, just waiting for Apple approval) then I’ll likely spend a few weeks on any bugs or small changes that come up. Then it will be time to start next big features.

I don’t know what the priority of iOS will be vrs other features, but iOS is definitely on my list of things that I would like to do. It’s just difficult, because it is also probably the biggest chunk of work.

I think what I will do pretty soon is post a list of all feature areas that I’m thinking about and get feedback from Bike users on what they think is more important.

For my own use I would really like basic rich text editing to be the next thing I work on after 1.0. I also think I should work on accessibility and better integration with macOS text system, so standard macOS replacements and completions work.

After that then I have a big list of other features (iOS included), but without strong priorities, that’s when I’ll really start looking for guidance from Bike users.


Great to hear that an iOS app is in the plans. The iOS apps that read taskpaper syntax never quite worked for me. So having an in-house iOS partner to the Mac app would be fantastic. But I’m even happier to hear that rounding out a few core text features in the Mac app is likely to come first.

On the priority list, a preemptive vote from me for “better integration with macOS text system, so standard macOS replacements and completions work”. From my use, I agree that’s top priority because it rounds out the foundational writing tools in the app. I’m especially missing text replacements, because I am mostly writing scientific text with lots of technical terms and long scientific names, which all sits with easy replacement terms in my text replacements. I can see how rich text fits with that idea of writing tools too, for those that need some formatting.

I’m delighted with Bike as a Mac-only app, and don’t really care that much about iOS compatibility, but I know there are lots of users who do.

For the next version, I’d add a basic Print function. Even though I’m easily able to print using other methods, I know this will be an issue for less-technical users (like my wife :slight_smile: ).


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