IOS Timeline Update?

I find the biggest grievance I have now is that I can’t open my phone and access .bike files! I cope with this by moving things back and forth between phone-compatible (reminders,, etc) and

Just curious if the timeline for an IOS app has moved up at all, and if the user experience might be closer to “everyone can edit the same document at the same time” Cloud™️, or if it’ll be" every file needs to be opened and saved and closed before editing".

I vaguely remember reading about how Microsoft found it super difficult to update their apps from legacy “local-file read-write” to “cloud-file always-collaborative”, and something about that’s why Google Docs was so good because they started from the beginning with fluid/collaborative reading and writing in mind? I know nothing about any of this!

I think things still about the same. Target still next spring. I really want to get tags and filtering in before starting work on iOS, and those features are going to take quite a bit of infrastructure work I think.

I also expect Bike will remain a mostly single user app. I expect syncing to be file based.


I bought Bike on release and don’t regret it, but never use it because 80% of my time at a computer is on my iPad. My desktop is really only touched now for photographs and spreadsheets.

I do hope you find time or collaborators to fully implement Bike on iOS. Seems like this program fits an iPad perfectly.

Row types looks great, by the way. Look forward to playing with it.