iOS, no, or yes?

I used to use Omni, but they’ve simply priced themselves out of my budget.

I’ve also moved all my text to plain text and don’t want to lock myself into proprietary formats. I did also consider Drafts which handles the Taskpaper format, but it’s data is siloed which also makes it unusable.

I may need to revisit todo.txt if I cannot find a solution.

Sorry things haven’t changed too much for me:

  1. I’m still working (very slowly it seems) on WriteRoom/TaskPaper 4 for Mac infrastructure.

  2. I agree there needs to be better way to view/edit Taskpaper files cross platform, but I don’t have any concrete plans to do this right now.

With that said there is potential for movement here… I know @leftium is recently thinking about way to provide TaskPaper on iOS. Previously he’s done some other TaskPaper hacks:

I hope he’ll join this thread and get some feedback on what is needed.

Hey, I’m the developer of

There are a few reasons I created Todo.taskpaper. First, I want to use TaskPaper on non-MacOS platforms. Also, there are a few features I’d like to add. My original announcement explains in more detail.

Todo.taskpaper is hosted on the web, so it will run on most platforms with web browsers. The current version is completely client-side: no server is involved aside from serving static files. So it could easily be modified to run locally without any internet and could even be “appified.”

Currently Todo.taskpaper is a hobby project I work on as permitted by time and motivation. I am also waiting for the next version of a few libraries like CodeMirror 6 and React with suspense hooks.

A CEO recently approached me about funding/commercializing Todo.taskpaper. It’s just talk right now, but funding would accelerate and focus development specifically for TaskPaper on iPad. Commercialization would probably result in a web-based collaborative version of TaskPaper (that would work on iPad, of course).

In the near future, I plan to create an online TaskPaper viewer. This app would solve the issue with sharing TaskPaper files by nicely rendering an HTML version of any publicly accessible TaskPaper format file. This app would be largely read-only, although it may offer rudimentary Dropbox sync. (Copy the text from the app, edit in another app, then paste the changes back into the app. This would trigger a sync back to Dropbox.) I won’t be able to test on an iPad, but I’m sure it will work on iOS.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread to track what people want when using TaskPaper on iPad/iOS. My personal vision for Todo.taskpaper is not exactly the same as TaskPaper, but they are quite similar.