IOS - Can't Seem to Find Clear Answer

Really hoping there is an IOS client - really hoping… But saw an answer from '17 indicating IOS did not pay the developer enough.

Coming from a Todoist guy…

Thanks, Dennis

There is Taskmator, written by a third party. I had sync issues with it, so I moved away from it.

Any text editor will work. I use 1Writer, as I can make JavaScript macros in it (which covers most of my TaskPaper needs in 1Writer).

I should know this, but does it say anywhere on the forum how I can sync the Taskpaper file with my iPhone?

Is there any other text editor on the iPhone that I can use?

Thanks, Dennis

TaskPaper documents are simply text files. So any service that can sync text files will work. I have used Dropbox and iCloud, and they both sync well.

Any iOS text editor will work. As mentioned above, I use 1Writer. Editorial is also very good.

Hi Dennis,
I don’t know about automated synching, but on iOS I particularly like the Editorial app. It includes extensions that recognize the .taskpaper extension, with support for many of the taskpaper specific conventions involved with making to-do lists and then checking them off.

As a bonus it also supports the Folding Text conventions, although with the .md file extension rather than .ft, plus formatted previews including embedded images and properly formatted links.

One reason I don’t know as much about the automated synching is that I always do mine manually, using an app called iMazing over a USB cable. iTunes can also work. As long as I’m careful, I’ve never lost any work this way, and it avoids issues that can come up with a marginal internet connection.

Also Drafts can do as a not so smart mobile client.

You will need a few actions to make it work (pull/push of taskpaper file from cloud storage and some utilities to mark done etc…)

Hi Riccardo, could you share your Drafts actions…?

They are not mine. The most important are probably:
TaskPaper Action Group
TaskPaper actions for Pulling and pushing file to Dropbox
Similar thing using iCloud

You can use ThoughtAsylum - Tasks & Lists when you roll your own action as a starting point.

You can otherwise search the action directory, and don’t forget that you can always (or most cases) mix and match the actions that work best for you.