Indented projects not appearing in sidebar

I’m sure it’s intentional behaviour that indented projects that are not sub-projects don’t appear in the sidebar, but I would prefer that they do, at least in certain circumstances. For instance, could indented projects that are contained within a heading (technically a note, I guess) be made to appear in the sidebar? That would be my preference. Or, failing that, could an indented project be forced to appear in the sidebar in some way, perhaps by using a double colon, for example?

Sorry for delayed response here. I think for TaskPaper 3.x this behavior will stay as is. It was intentional, though I can also see how it might be nice to have the other way too. For now I just think it’s clearer to have the structure in the sidebar represent strict parent/child relationships.

Thanks for the response. I understand the need to retain the relationship structure.