Include hierarchy leaves (tasks & notes) in "Go to Anything" results

At the moment, it looks like “Go to Anything” searches only on title lines. This seems to me both counterintuitive (“anything”, taken at its word, includes tasks and notes) as well as limiting. It is especially limiting as there is currently no way to perform a global search within the entire file, as I understand, unless my active TaskPaper view is Home.

@jessegrosjean would you consider tweaking “Go to Anything” to include tasks and notes, as well? At least as an option…


I don’t think it would perform well, at least not in larger documents. The “fuzzy” search matching that I use in that UI needs to score all possible results on each keystroke as you type, for larger documents I don’t think it would scale.

Maybe worth testing in a beta or two? I’d be happy to provide feedback with a fairly large file, for one. The fact remains that the app is sorely lacking a global search command, in my opinion, fuzzy or otherwise. Thanks again!

I agree there is room for improvement, but I don’t expect any changing in the near term. Right now my focus is on WriteRoom 4. Once that’s done then I’ll likely shift to working on TaskPaper 4 where changes like this will be possible.