In the File->Open Application Folder, there is a folder "Themes" - are those usable?

Hi. Saw the note about how we can make our own themes, and then I noticed you have a folder of themes. What condition are those in? Are they reliably useable?


I think those are actually TaskPaper 2 themes (I guess you must have run TaskPaper 2 at some point?), they won’t work in TaskPaper 3. I should actually be using a different Folder name to avoid confusion I guess.

ok, thanks, I guess I’ll start making my own… :smile:

new question: I haven’t updated taskpaper for a while, still running preview 3.0, and when I try to update i get the message : An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.

any ideas?


Hi, please see: How do I update from version 3.3 when I see "Error extracting update"?

thanks, worked perfectly!!