In Appreciation of TaskPaper

I just slogged through a 22 page legal document that I had to clean up from long ago. It was in a very poor record scan in an archive file. It was readable but very dirty for copying and pasting. Even Acrobat in recognizing it’s text left so much gibberish that it was easier just to use text to speech and redo it as written.

This relates to years of lost records after a service accident and all sorts of problems making arguments before the VA. To say this is a complicated case doesn’t even come close to how many records were missing, how many arguments have been misinterpreted, and how often arguments have been outright misrepresented.

Using my macs speak text (dictate) feature, I just finished reading through the document. I started a new TaskPaper document just for this purpose. I used tags to remind myself of sections that I want to highlight, arguments to rebut, etc.

I can’t think of a nicer way to work through all the things I am working through than to have TaskPaper. With all the custom searches, the tags, the css/less formatting which makes my creative urges happy, I am actually still happy and not stressed after doing all that nasty work.

Sure, I wish I could highlight a word here and there within a paragraph and, maybe that will come later. Some hate the idea of style being anywhere near TaskPaper. I don’t. But, that is just me I guess.

But, that is a small side issue. Why I am posting this is to just say, thank you Jessie. TaskPaper rocks! I know it supposed to be just for simple lists, but it is helping me with my organizing important information that will become an outline later, and finally, actual written documents.

I guess you could say in my case, I am using TaskPaper as a pre-outline organizing tool. And oh, what an important tool it is.

Yay team. Go HogBay! Go Hog wild! :wink: