Importing Reminders in Catalina

I just updated to macOS Catalina and was trying to import some reminders from the Reminders app. I thought I was able to import reminders from any list in prior versions, but now it only allows me to import from the Reminders list.

Is there a way around this so that I could import from any list? I am using the latest build of 3.8 (409).

I still see multiple lists as import options on Catalina.

Two things to check:

  1. Make sure that “TaskPaper > Preferences > Always use > Default List” is not checked
  2. It may be that lists only show up if they have uncompleted items, so make sure list has some items.

Thanks Jesse. It was the “Always use > Default List.” I unchecked that and it went back to showing all of the lists.

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